02/01/22 | Press Release

Stitt for Governor Breaks State Fundraising Record to Kick Off 2022 Election Cycle

Oklahoma City, Okla. – The Stitt for Governor 2022 campaign today announced Governor Kevin Stitt raised a record-breaking $1.19 million from more than 2,300 individuals across the state in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021.

The total amount raised marks the largest Q4 ever filed by an Oklahoma candidate for statewide office going into an election year. The campaign ended the quarter with $2.3 million cash on hand, the most by any incumbent Oklahoma Governor.

“The Oklahoma Turnaround is underway with historic low unemployment, record-high investments by the State in education, and Republican-led tax cuts taking effect as Oklahomans battle inflation provoked by liberal DC policies,” said Governor Kevin Stitt. “As we kick off 2022, we are running full throttle to protect freedoms and advance common-sense conservative policies. It takes all of us working together to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state, and I am deeply grateful so many Oklahomans continue to join us in making this vision a reality.” 

The Q4 announcement comes on the heels of public polls showing consistently-sound approval ratings for Governor Kevin Stitt, currently holding rank as the most popular elected official in Oklahoma. Further demonstrating strong grassroots support statewide for his re-elect, nearly 70% of individual donations in Q4 came from contributions of $100 or less.

“Heading into 2022, Governor Stitt has a commanding lead,” said Randall Gutermuth of American Viewpoint in a campaign memo dated Dec. 16. “The Governor’s numbers are driven by the turnaround of Oklahoma that he has led. Prior to Stitt’s election, only 28% of voters saw things in Oklahoma going in the right direction. Today, 55% of voters view Oklahoma as heading in the right direction.”

The Stitt for Governor 2022 campaign continues to build a robust ground game heading into the 2022 election year. Those interesting in working, interning, or volunteering for the campaign are asked to submit resumes to [email protected].