03/10/22 | Press Release

Stitt for Governor 2022 Launches First TV Ad, Airing Statewide

Oklahoma City, Okla. – The Stitt for Governor 2022 campaign announced today its first TV ad of the election season, which is airing on broadcast and cable statewide. The TV ad “Hard Times II” reflects on the environment that propelled Kevin Stitt to run for office as a conservative businessman and political outsider when Oklahoma was facing year-after-year budget short falls and government systems failing to deliver results due to political posturing. 

“Not long ago, Oklahoma was facing hard times,” Stitt opens in the TV ad. “While hardworking Oklahomans suffered, the political insiders were only helping themselves.” 

During the three years of Governor Kevin Stitt’s leadership, the State of Oklahoma has experienced a turnaround with: 

  • First-in-the-region rankings for teacher pay and benefits and three consecutive years of historic increases in funding for common education, with more than $3 billion appropriated by the State annually. 
  • A historic level of savings by the State, making it the 4th largest savings account in the nation, and a credit rating increase to AA and rating outlook of “stable” 
  • Tax cuts for all Oklahomans (HB 2962, HB 2960, HB 2961, HB 2963)
  • A historic high in workforce participation in Oklahoma and a historically low unemployment rate at 2.8%. 

“On day one, we got to work. We took power out of the hands of the insiders and put you back in charge,” Governor Kevin Stitt continues. “We cut taxes, slashed job killing red tape, started fixing our schools and turned a budget deficit into $2 billion in savings.”

Most recently, Governor Stitt signed into law the Redbud School Funding Act (SB 229) to increase funding to charter and traditional rural schools as well as signed into law an expansion of the Equal Opportunity Scholarships (SB 1080) to provide more school choice for low income and underserved families through increased investments. He continues to advocate for expansion of freedoms for parents in selecting schools that best meets students’ learning needs as well as for professional teachers to have a trajectory for making $100,000 salaries (HB 4388 and HB 4387).

With the perspective of a conservative businessman, Gov. Stitt also called for with the first-ever financial audit of the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Governor Stitt charged the State Auditor to identify all revenue sources flowing in the OSDE and to determine transparency compliance of financial transactions for all public education institutions.

“Oklahoma’s turnaround is working. Let’s keep it going,” concludes Governor Kevin Stitt.