Governor Kevin Stitt has been consistent in fighting for the safety and protection of all 4 million Oklahomans. With smart on crime policy changes and an unwavering commitment to back the blue, Governor Stitt wants to keep Oklahomans safe, and law enforcement supported.

This year alone, Governor Stitt has increased wages for public safety professionals, created a new mental wellness division within the Department of Public Safety, and expanded recruitment efforts to build the best force in the nation.


  • After a decade-long dry spell, Governor Kevin Stitt has funded 3 Academies to train new public safety professionals for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) and launched the “Bridge Academy” to support OHP’s national recruitment effort to hire the best from across the nation. (source)
  • Stood with District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and public safety professionals across the state in calling for the courts and the U.S. Supreme Court to deliver much-needed clarity on the Oklahoma v. McGirt ruling that is wreaking havoc in Eastern Oklahoma. (source, source, source, source)
  • Signed into law pay increases for correctional officers, highway patrol and other State employees. (source)


  • Reformed the funding of District Attorneys so that they are not perversely incentivized to use fines and fees to fund their budgets. (source)
  • Called for and signed into law the nation’s largest commutation of low-level drug offenders from prison, of which the recidivism rates has held around 5%, well below the State’s average of 29% and the national average of 35%. (source)
  • Called for and increased State funding of treatment and diversion programs to historic levels to help break the cycle of incarceration. (source)
  • Called for and signed into law licensing reform so that individuals with nonviolent felony convictions could be licensed in occupations not related to the offense. (source)
  • Created the Sarah Stitt Act to help prepare and equip those leaving incarceration to best reenter the workforce and society. (HB 1679)
  • Simplified the requirements for adolescents or adults with juvenile records to have their records expunged, ensuring that mistakes made in youth do not limit a person’s opportunity for success. (HB 1799)


  • Made State public safety agencies more accountable to the voters and delivered efficiencies across agencies. In 2019, Governor Stitt signed into law legislation that gave the executive branch the authority to hire and fire the directors of the Department of Public Safety and Oklahoma Department of Corrections, as well as streamlined and brought together the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Department.
  • Called for the passage of the “Public Safety Unification” effort that will consolidate, streamline, and strengthen State agencies supporting public safety services. (source)
  • Flattened the Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ budget, after inheriting a history of agency leadership proposing annual budgets that were $1 billion more than operating expenses. (source)