Under Governor Kevin Stitt’s leadership, Oklahoma’s economy continues to thrive. Governor Stitt has proven to be the right leader for Oklahoma as he ensures that the state is the best place for business ventures and that new jobs are constantly being created. 

When the federal government encouraged shut downs and “safer-at-home” policies, Oklahoma was able to push past roadblocks and stay on track to be a Top Ten state. Oklahoma is now ranked #1 in lowest cost to do business, #3 in lowest cost of living, and is host to consistently low levels of unemployment.

Governor Stitt’s list of accomplishments continues to grow as he encourages job creation, diversifies revenue sources, and pushes for strong fiscal policies.

  • Ranks #1 in lowest cost to do business and #3 in lowest cost of living (source)
  • 3rd lowest unemployment rate in the nation (source)
  • 10th lowest taxes in corporate income, personal income, property (source)
  • 7th in online budget transparency due to Stitt putting Oklahoma’s checkbook online (ranked 46th when Stitt took office) (source)
  • 7th best highway bridge conditions in the nation (11th when Stitt took office) (source)
  • Historic levels of public education investment by the state for three consecutive years, including teacher pay raises (source)
  • Historic investments in the State’s savings account – Stitt inherited a nearly empty Rainy-Day fund, building it back to a historic high of roughly $2 billion. (source)
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