Fact Check


Oklahoma Project, Sooner State Leadership and Conservative Voice for America are all dark money groups who continue to deliver lies from special interest groups who aren’t conservative and aren’t transparent about their intentions. 

The amount of money they are spending is UNPRECEDENTED in a statewide campaign in Oklahoma. And in fact, they have spent more against Kevin Stitt than has been spent collectively in 25 other governors’ races as of May 9, 2022. 

In response to the attack ads calling Stitt “Soft on Crime,” the President of the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police said: 

“I think it’s probably disingenuous to put that label on our governor,” said Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President, Mark Nelson told FOX 25. While Nelson can’t speak for each individual officer, he says in general, Stitt is in good standing with state law enforcement. “I never got the impression that he is okay with people being victimized in this state,” he said.

The Oklahoman even called Trebor Worthen, with Sooner State and formerly with Joy Hofmeister’s campaign, on the carpet for these lies, highlighting the following facts:

  • Oklahoma’s violent crime rate dropped in 2019 according to FBI crime data
  • Stitt campaigned and was elected on a mandate in 2018 to reduce the state’s incarceration rate, once the worst in the nation! Thanks to Stitt’s smart on crime policies, we are reducing the prison population while keeping our communities safe! 

The Frontier also called these groups on the carpet for lies too, rating another one of their ads a clear “FALSE” and stating that Kevin Stitt did NOT use the COVID pandemic to release hundreds of inmates. 

Gov. Stitt’s commitment to lead as a conservative political outsider is clearly upsetting some big bosses out there who feel threatened by his unwavering agenda to represent all 4 million Oklahomans.  He is delivering the promised Oklahoma Turnaround with a historically low unemployment rate, the largest savings account in state history, and historic levels of investment in education all while cutting taxes for every single Oklahoman.

In fact, when it comes to his efforts on criminal justice reform, the American Conservative Union (ACU) issued a report showing that under Governor Stitt, Oklahoma has the lowest rate of recidivism in the nation!

Click here to read Governor Kevin Stitt’s record on backing the blue while also bringing smart policy changes to move Oklahoma out of last place in incarceration.