Fact Check

JOYful Tax Hikes

Joy and Joe’s Democrat party have fallen in LOVE with spending your money.

D.C. Democrats have spent TRILLIONS, resulting in the highest inflation in a generation. In Oklahoma, Joy Hofmeister has led the charge.

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In fact, after the Step-Up Oklahoma tax-hikes failed in 2018, Joy Hofmeister called it “SOUL CRUSHING”.

As the Democrats Dime you to Death, Joy Hofmeister was jumping for joy following the passage of the 2018 $474 million tax package that:

  • RAISED the initial tax rate oil and gas
  • INCREASED the motor fuel tax
  • ADDED $1 per pack tax on cigarettes

After Gov. Mary Fallin said “we can do it [give teachers a pay increase] without raising the state sales tax rate,”Joy and her liberal comrades continued the assault on Oklahoma taxpayers with the attempted 2015 Sales Tax Increase. SQ 779 would have given Oklahoma the HIGHEST COMBINED STATE-LOCAL SALES TAX RATE IN THE NATION at the time AND:

  • COSTED medium-income Oklahomans a WHOPPING $262 per year
  • RESULTED in Oklahoma’s wealthiest ONLY paying $1,691 per year
  • FALL HARDEST on the poorest Oklahomans

Fortunately for Oklahomans, SQ 779 crumbled at the ballot box in 2016– but only after Joy Hofmeister said: “Certainly, when I go to the ballot box I’ll be voting yes.”

As Hofmeister joylessly jolts your wallet open, Governor Stitt has repeatedly called for repealing the grocery tax, even calling a special session to get the job done. If Joy had it her way, sales tax on our groceries would be as high as 10%!

Governor Stitt has brought our income tax to the 10th lowest in the nation, keeping your money where it belongs– in your wallet, not in Joy Hofmeister’s pocket.

Now, Joy’s plan to rescue the American economy from her radical liberal friend’s spending is to “dip into our savings” to cover the costs! Governor Stitt took Oklahoma from budget deficits to SURPLUSES, building our state savings account to over $3 billion– and now Joy wants a piece of the pie! Well, Oklahoma isn’t having it, Joy! If Joy wants to spend money, she can call her accomplice at the White House!