Fact Check

“Anti-Corruption” Pledge

Democrat candidate Joy Hofmeister and the liberal special interests standing up her campaign say Gov. Kevin Stitt hasn’t signed their “anti-corruption” pledge. It’s true! But why?

This pledge of Joy Hofmeister’s would upend our election system as we know it today and require taxpayers to fund her future campaigns instead of donors.

Furthermore, this “anti-corruption” pledge was called out by The Oklahoman for… NOT BEING TRANSPARENT about their donors!

KOCO-TV also fact-checked the “Clean Up Oklahoma” group who authored the pledge, highlighting that while the group calls themselves a “non-partisan watchdog, it is run by a staffer of former Congresswoman Kendra Horn, a Democrat.

KOCO-TV also got Clean Up Oklahoma on the record, admitting that a majority of their funds come from UNDISCLOSED donors.

To date, these dark money special interest groups have spent $20 million to bankroll Democratic candidate Joy Hofmeister’s campaign. That’s 20-million reasons she’ll answer to special interests before you, the people.