11/01/22 | Press Release


Oklahoma City, Okla. (Nov. 1, 2022) – During the OKC Red Wave Rally featuring U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, more than 50 Oklahoma veterans announced their endorsement of Governor Kevin Stitt for his re-election campaign.

“Oklahoma’s veterans stand with Gov. Kevin Stitt as he has stood faithfully with us,” said Ben T. Robinson, Brig Gen, USAF, Retired, OKC. Further remarks are available from the rally streamed on https://www.facebook.com/StittForGovernor

“It is a deep honor to receive the support of such a diverse group of Oklahoma veterans from all across our great state,”said Gov. Kevin Stitt. “I am committed to elevating Oklahoma to be the most pro-military State in the country from both active duty and national guard personnel to veterans who will choose to retire here and start a business or enter our work force. Here in Oklahoma, we cherish liberty and we respect our men and women in uniform who have made tremendous sacrifices for our freedoms.”

During Governor Kevin Stitt’s time in office, Gov. Stitt has called for and successfully eliminated the income tax on military retirement benefits as well as led in the following areas to enhance the quality of life for veterans in Oklahoma to name a few:

  • Called for in the 2022 State of the Union address and signed into law a total income tax exemption on military retirement benefits as opposed to the 75% deduction previously in statute. (SB 401, effective August 25, 2022)
  • Improved quality of life and work for military families by allowing active duty military personnel and their spouses to request in advance a temporary, reciprocal occupational license from the State upon receiving orders to discharge or transfer to Oklahoma. Signed into law in 2019 as SB 670, the law creates a more welcoming environment for military families that move to Oklahoma to more easily receive their occupational license.
  • Worked with the Oklahoma federal delegation in 2020 to secure funding for a new veterans hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Approved $2 million in appropriations for two new veterans’ facilities in 2019 (SB 1070).
  • Approved $700,000 for operations costs for the Cohen Military Family Clinic in Lawton. This funding will in turn enable the Cohen Veterans Network to expand their services through the construction of a new facility in Oklahoma and serve even more veterans. (SB 1048, effective August 25, 2022)

The veterans endorsing Stitt for Governor 2022 are as follows:

  1. Ben T. Robinson, Brig Gen, USAF, Retired, OKC
  2. Robert Redwine, Brig Gen, USAF, Retired, Yukon
  3. Greg Slavonic, RADM, USN, Retired, OKC
  4. Kevin McDugle, Drill Instructor SGT, USMC 
  5. Randall A. McIntire, BG, USA, Retired, Lawton
  6. Nate Slate, COL, USA, Retired, Lawton
  7. Robert Mulac, CAPT, USN, Retired, Yukon
  8. Brett Martin, CAPT, USN, Retired, OKC
  9. Robin Syba, CAPT, USN, Retired, OKC
  10. Wylie Koiner, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  11. Tom Bliss, Col, USAF, Retired, OKC
  12. Joel Martin, Col, USAF, Retired, Norman
  13. Chuck DeBellevue, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  14. Rick Buschelman, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  15. John A. Traugott, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  16. Darrell Judy, Col, USAF, Retired, Enid
  17. Mark Johnson, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  18. Rex E. Adee, Col, USAF, Retired, Arcadia
  19. Thomas O’Neil, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  20. Tom Pool, COL, USA, Retired, Norman
  21. Henry Laakman, Col, USAF, Retired, Midwest City
  22. James Putnam, Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  23. Maury Hardy, Lt Col, USAF, Retired, OKC
  24. Sid Ellington, CDR, USN, Retired, OKC
  25. Tucker McHugh, CDR, USN, Retired, Edmond
  26. John Carter, CDR, USN, Retired, Norman
  27. Dennis Altendorf, Lt Col, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  28. David Wilson, Lt Col, USAF, Retired, Arcadia
  29. Glenn Ashmore, LCDR, USN, Retired, OKC
  30. John Ratliff, LTC, USA, Retired, Lawton
  31. Russel Smith, LTC, USA, Retired, OKC
  32. John T Griffith III, Maj, USAF, Retired, Edmond
  33. James A. Keating, MAJ, USA, Retired, Edmond
  34. John Nash, CPT, USA, Edmond
  35. Bob Allen, Sr, 1LT, USA, OKC
  36. Rob Allen, Jr, CPT, USA, OKC
  37. Shane Jett, LT, USN, Shawnee
  38. Gary Stanislawski, Capt, USAF, Tulsa
  39. Stephen E. Reel, CPT, USAR, OKC
  40. Boyd Barclay, Capt, USMC, Retired, Edmond
  41. Peter Luitwieler, 1LT, USA, Tulsa
  42. Dr. Jack Milavic, CWO5, USMC/OKNG,
  43. Jerry Helton, CMDCM, USN, Retired, Edmond
  44. Eddie Compton, CCMS, USAF, Retired, Newalla
  45. Bruce Durkee, Sargent, E6, OKNG, Retired, Billings
  46. William W. Hawthorn, E-4, USA
  47. Connie Check, USN, Disabled Vietnam Veteran
  48. Johnathon Shepherd, Sgt, USMC, Tulsa
  49. Brendan Clark, USMC, OKC
  50. Mellodee Griffith, CPO, USN, Retired, American Legion Member, OKC
  51. Danny Thomas, MSgt, USMC, Retired, OKC
  52. Brian Wilson, Staff Sargent, USMC, Retired, American Legion Member, OKC
  53. Mike Harris, MSgt, USAF, Retired, American Legion Member, OKC
  54. Vernon Moore, E6, PO 1st Class, USN, Retired, American Legion Member, OKC
  55. Tom Morris, Sgt, USMC, Edmond
  56. Ron Malear  SSG E-6, USA, OKC
  57. Mike Taylor, E-5, USAF, American Legion Member, OKC
  58. Scott Sweeney, SPC, USA, Ada